Graduation Schedule

Graduation Day Events

Family Day is held the day before graduation on Thursdays.  This is an opportunity to attend briefings and spend time with your Marine who will be on liberty in the afternoon.

On Friday, The Morning Colors Ceremony (flag raising) with musical accompaniment by the San Diego Marine Band is held Friday at 8:00 a.m. west end of Shepherd Field. Graduation is held Friday mornings at 10:00 a.m. on the Depotís Shepherd Field's Parade Deck and lasts about an hour.  In the event of inclement weather, graduation ceremonies will be held in an indoor location, which will be announced on the morning of graduation at the Visitors Center.

***  Please note family day and graduation day maybe moved to Wendesday and Thursday to accomodate a holiday schedule.

Upcoming 2014 Graduations Dates

Company Platoon Numbers Ship Date Graduation Date
G 2141-2147 14-Oct 10-Jan-14
K 3221-3225 21-Oct 17-Jan-14
C 1041-1045 28-Oct 24-Jan-14
F 2129-2133 4-Nov 31-Jan-14
OPEN Veterans Day 11-Nov 7-Feb-14
L 3249-3253 18-Nov 14-Feb-14
OPEN Thanksgiving 25-Nov 21-Feb-14
B 1029-1033 2-Dec 28-Feb-14
E 2109-2113 9-Dec 7-Mar-14
I 3209-3213 16-Dec 14-Mar-14
OPEN Christmas 23-Dec 21-Mar-14
OPEN New Years 30-Dec 28-Mar-14
D 1069-1073 6-Jan 4-Apr-14
H 2169-2173 13-Jan 11-Apr-14
OPEN MLK Jr. Day 20-Jan 18-Apr-14
M 3269-3273 27-Jan 25-Apr-14
OPEN   3-Feb 2-May-14
A 1009-1015 10-Feb 9-May-14
OPEN Presidents Day 17-Feb 16-May-14
G 2149-2155 24-Feb 23-May-14
K 3229-3233 3-Mar 30-May-14
C 1041-1047 10-Mar 6-Jun-14
F 2121-2125 17-Mar 13-Jun-14
L 3241-3245 24-Mar 20-Jun-14
OPEN Cross Month 31-Mar 27-Jun-14
OPEN   7-Apr 4-Ju-14
B 1021-1027 14-Apr 11-Ju-14
E 2101-2105 21-Apr 18-Ju-14
I 3201-3205 28-Apr 25-Jul-14
OPEN   5-May 1-Aug-14
D 1061-1065 12-May 8-Aug-14
H 2161-2165 19-May 15-Aug-14
OPEN Memorial Day 26-May 22-Aug-14
M 3261-3265 2-Jun 29-Aug-14
A 1001-1007 9-Jun 5-Sep-14
G 2141-2147 16-Jun 12-Sep-14
K 3221-3225 23-Jun 19-Sep-14
OPEN Independence Day 30-Jun 26-Sep-14
C 1041-1045 7-Jul 3-Oct-14
F 2129-2133 14-Jul 10-Oct-14
L 3249-3253 21-Jul 17-Oct-14
B 1029-1033 28-Jul 24-Oct-14
E 2109-2113 4-Aug 31-Oct-14
I 3209-3213 11-Aug 7-Nov-14
D 1069-1073 18-Aug 14-Nov-14
H 2169-2173 25-Aug 21-Nov-14
OPEN   1-Sep 28-Nov-14
M 3269-3273 8-Sep 5-Dec-14
A 1009-1015 15-Sep 12-Dec-14
G 2149-2155 22-Sep 19-Dec-14
OPEN Cross FYs 29-Sep 26-Dec-14

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